Periodontics in Treatment

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Non-surgical: Scaling+Root planing

When plaque is not removed by brushing, it can harden to form calcular deposits on the teeth.

Surgical: Block Bone Graft

Forces through the teeth stimulate the underlying bone to maintain its strength. A lack of stimulus due to missing teeth causes the bone to slowly shrink away, leaving insufficient bone present for other dental procedures.

Surgical: Crown Lengthening, Cavity

Decay which occurs underneath the gums is restored through a procedure called crown lengthening.


Surgical: Gingival Autograft

Gingival recession occurs when the gums receed to expose the roots of the teeth.


Electrosurgery: Gingivectomy

Gingivectomy is carried out when part of the gingiva covering the teeth needs to be removed due to gingival overgrowth.


Surgical: Guided Tissue Regeneration

Guided tissue regeneration is used to restore tissue in areas damaged by gum disease.


Surgical: Sinus Lift

Bone that is not stimulated due to missing teeth shrinks and is reabsorbed over time. A sinus lift is carried out to increase the height of the upper jaw bone, to allow for the placement of implants. After an anesthetic has been applied, the maxillary sinus is accessed from inside the mouth. Dental instruments called osteotomes are used to create small holes in the bone. Various different sized osteotomes are then used to gently lift the membrane wihch covers the sinus. This membrane is very delicate so it is moved carefully to prevent it from being ripped or pierced which would require stitching. When sufficient clearance has been achieved, bone graft material is inserted into the space which has been created. After three to six months the bone graft will integrate with the natural bone leaving a thicker layer of bone between the mouth and the sinus.


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